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Choreographed, orchestrated, staged, etc. But the reference may also be
to media "packaging", i.e., presenting the trial in a particular way.
That is, the trial itself might not have been all that exiting, but it
was presented for TV audiences in a way to make them more interested, to
make them believe it was about the issues of the day. Since I have not
seen the original reference, I'm kind of stabbing in the dark here. But
I would not jump to assumptions that the court is the one "packaging"
the trial. Attorneys for either side occasionally do that--to make their
respective cases in the media. But usually it's not something that
happens by the mutual agreement of the parties involved, including both
sides and the court itself, as you seem to imply.


On 5/12/2013 11:27 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> I hope this means "ideally suited."
> A CNN contributor says that the Jodi Arias trial was "packaged for
> television."
> Neither he nor anybody else has otherwise suggested that the Arizona
> justice system has stooped low enough to stage-manage or even simply
> advertise the trial to make it irresistible to the news media.
> "The Great Gatsby" is packaged. So far, murder trials are not.
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