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I did a number of similar sports antedatings here:

(which, BTW, never seemed to have gotten to the OED files) in which I
took this sense of guard from 1905 to 1897.

Fred, is this:
oll3/id/485/rec/10 (specifically, the 6th page of this PDF document)
your source?

I ask because _Triangle_ seems to be more of a magazine than a
newspaper, and the date is Jan 15 rather than Jan 7.

The OED definition for "dribble" (v) seems to only include moving a ball
by the feet, and not by the hands is as done in basketball.

This document:
takes the basketball type of dribbling back to 1892.
James Naismith, _Rules for Basket Ball_, Springfield MA 1892 p 12
"Again, he may bat it in front of him as he runs, or dribble it with his
hand along the ground, but he cannot kick it with his feet, not even to
dribble it."

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> guard (OED, 7.d. [Basketball], 1897)
> 1892 James Naismith in _Triangle_ (Springfield College newspaper) Jan.
> 7 (S= pringfield College digital archives)  It has been found
> advantageous to hav= e a goal keeper, two guards, three center men,
> wings, and a home man st= ationed in the above order from the goal.
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