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That's great, Charlie.  I experienced quite the aural double-take when I encountered the Sayers one on audio a couple of years back, but I had been totally unfamiliar with the contribution from Dickens, Copperfield, and their Mr. Dick.


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> And the somewhat famous (anachronistically notorious) sentence from _David Copperfield_:  "The heartiness of the ejaculation startled Mr. Dick exceedingly; and me, too, if I am to tell the truth."
> --Charlie
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> --And on the point below, there are also the English bits that have become juicier with the passage of time, e.g.
> She [Miss Twitterton] embarked on an agitated description of the previous night's events, in which the keys, the chimneys, Crutchley's new garage, the bed-linen, the ten o'clock bus, and Peter's intention of putting in an electric plant were jumbled into hopeless confusion. The vicar ejaculated from time to time and looked increasingly bewildered.  “Most trying, most trying,” he said at length, when Miss Twitterton had talked herself breathless.
>            —Dorothy L. Sayers (1937), _Busman's Honeymoon_ (London: Victor Gollancz), p. 113
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