crowbar Hilton

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Thu May 16 15:39:36 UTC 2013

Found this curious metaphor today. Haven't really heard it before,
although I don't have the HDAS on hand and JL might have already caught
it eons ago.
> Disclosing taxpayer information is a very serious offense for an IRS
> agent.
> "That's like the one-way ticket to the crowbar Hilton in the IRS,"
> Hackney said.

A quick search reveals more than a handful of similar references.
> 18. Somebody needs a time out in the Crowbar Hilton.
> 1. Say hello to the Crowbar Hilton young Mister Wade.
[Same poster on both of those comments.]
> Crowbar Hilton....NOT even a good place to visit.
[Some interesting spelling here. "Weather" for "whether" is common, but
spells "paranoia" as "parnioa" twice.]
> Celebutante Checks Out of Crowbar Hilton
[Also being sold through Amazon and other sources. There is an added
irony--the "celebutant" is Paris Hilton.]
> In Michigan that kind of language in public can net you a tall fine or
> a short stay in the crowbar Hilton...
> o.j. simpson going to crowbar hilton


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