"cream pie" not in the OED? And some other culinary treats of 1886

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Thu May 16 20:12:38 UTC 2013

Why is "chiffon pie" f[l]avored over "cream pie"?  The former is
defined under "chiffon"; the latter I find only in quotations.

Menu, The Raymond, South Pasadena, California, Nov. 13, 1886.  In
_Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage_ (John Wiley & Sons,
2009), Fig. 35.6 (page 52 of colored illustration insert).

Chocolate "Cream Pie."  No entry in OED; antedates quotations 1904-.

"Sponge Drops."  Nothing in OED.  Fannie Farmer, _Original 1896
Boston Cooking-School Cook Book_ (reprint: Dover, 1997), p. 419:
"Sponge Drop. / Drop Lady Finger mixture from tip of spoon on
unbuttered paper. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, and bake eight
minutes in a moderate oven."

"Angel Cake".  Equidates OED2's earliest quotation.



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