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I have heard speakers, not just in the South, add "dark /l/" at the end of
words after the vowel /aw/.  I've even heard it before suffixes as in
"drawling" for "drawing."  Phonologically, I think it's the interpretation
of the /U/ quality of final /l/, what linguists call velarization, the
raising of the back of the tongue towards the soft palate.  But why this
happens after a low vowel like /aw/ isn't clear.


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> A former student of mine, who teaches in McDonough GA (between Macon and
> Atlanta), sent this:
> << There's a landscape place near us that advertises "pinestrawl" for sale
> (not for sell, mind you), and I thought it was just a mistake last spring;
> . . . they have "pinestrawl" for sale (not sell) again this spring. >>
> --Charlie
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