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>> What I meant was that the idea that Mary was a virgin when she conceived
>> comes under the term "virgin birth."
> And what I tried to explain was that it doesn't, in the theology of the One
> True Faith, since "conception" and "birth" can hardly be confused. "Virgin"
> means only that Mary, in the words of the only translation of the Decameron
> that I've ever read, "had never felt the horn with which men butt."
> Therefore, she was a virgin, in that narrow, restricted sense. Yet, she
> bore a child. Hence, virgin birth. Q.E.D. I don't even see any
> pswaydo-logical connection between the Immaculate Conception in which God
> infused a soul unsullied by original sin into a female zygote at the moment
> of its/her conception and the subsequent bearing of a child that was not
> begotten on her by any man, but by the Holy Spirit. "The virgin birth of Jesus is the belief that Jesus was conceived in the womb of his mother Mary by the Holy Spirit and born while Mary remained a virgin."

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