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I have a piece in Visual Thesaurus today that was inspired by my hearing
the word "beat-upedness" in an NPR interview
It turns out not (necessarily) to be just a case of edge-inflection
instead of head-inflection. Although cases like "fuck-up(p)edness" and
"fucked-upness" do exist, there's also plenty of "fucked-up(p)edness",
too, and similar attestations with other phrasal-verb prepositions.
Sometimes, there isn't even a verb in the vicinity to provide a source
for the "-ed": the main example is "hard-upedness." As I wrote in the
column: "Evidently, this /-ed/ has little to do with how a verb forms
its past participle, or even whether you turn it into a past participle
at all. The rule seems to be that if you want to participialize an
entire phrasal verb --- preposition and all --- suffixation with /-ed
/is how you do it. If you want to participialize the verb as well, you
have that option, and you do it however you would do it ordinarily:
/built, caught, grown, /whatever."

The column is at
http://www.visualthesaurus.com/cm/dictionary/beat-upedness/, though I
believe it's behind a paywall. However, below are some of the examples I
found through Google Books while researching the article.


  Household Words:

A Weekly Journal, Volume 10(Google eBook)
Charles Dickens, editor
(Story titled "The Golden Calf," author uncredited) He has nothing left
now his inextinguishable brogue and his invention. He will go on
promoting till he goes to utter penury, *broken downedness*, and the

  Life in Spain:

past and present, Volume 2 (Google eBook)

Smith, Elder, 1859 - Spain

/To guard it as with drawn swords wreathed with green stand the dark
cypresses those patient watchful trees of one fixed idea of*stuck
upedness *and gloomy hypochondria/*//*

  Journal of Horticulture and Practical Gardening

, Volume 8 (Google eBook)

Jan 17, 1865

With the bloom all off the *used upedness* most manifest they would seem
very different creatures to those who sparkled and shone with such
brilliancy at their coming out

  London Society

, Volume 10 (Google eBook)

James Hogg
<http://www.google.com/search?tbo=p&tbm=bks&q=inauthor:%22James+Hogg%22>, Florence

*William Clowes and Sons, 1866*

in the October days when the premature weariness and*worn outedness* of
the laborious summer have gone it must be a pleasant experience

  Village photographs

Augusta Larned

H. Holt and Company, 1887

The little sisters mainly live on what they call *picked up* dinners
especially when there is no one with them and the *pick upedness* of the
meal is manifest to any chance comer

  Ye vampyres! A legend of the national betting-ring, showing what
  became of it

Spectre (the, pseud.)


He had lost a great deal of money over the Undone Vortex and sorrowed a
kind father's heart one result of which was that Captain Oswald Slasher
was in a chronic state of *hard upedness*

  A Gentlewoman's Home:

The Whole Art of Building, Furnishing, and Beautifying the Home (Google

Jane Ellen Frith Panton

"The Gentlewoman" Offices, 1896

There should be no curtain across the recessed portion of the room or
else it would have a sense of oppression and *stuffed upedness* that
would be very trying

  Guy's Hospital Gazette

, Volume 13 (Google eBook)

Guy's Hospital., 1899(June 17 issue)

This letter received by the Superintendent on June 3rd is a useful check
to our*puffed uppedness*

  Pine Tree Magazine

, Issue 1 (Google eBook)


The Joy of Planting By JANE WilSON HARRiS On these garden days of which
make you feel all the time like school child on Saturday you the hateful
bonds of the house wilfully and gleefully and with as swift gait as your
*grown upedness *will betake yourself to your garden first own garden

  The Problems of Philosophy:

An Introduction to the Study of Philosophy (Google eBook)

John Grier Hibben

C.Scribner's Sons, 1899

regarded the father of modern philosophy According to him the essence of
matter is extension that is the occupying of some portion of space
the*spread outedness *of a body

  London Men in Palestine:

And how They Marched to Jerusalem (Google eBook)

Rowlands Coldicott

E. Arnold, 1919

I was not so much fed up to use the good slang phrase that covers the
soldiers malady for *"fed upedness" (the word is no new coinage)
*carries a slight tone of anger and annoyance about it.

      Thermostatics and thermodynamics: an introduction to energy, ... -
      Page 146

Myron Tribus
- 1961 - Snippet view - More editions

But if we recognize that the entropy only measures the extent of our
ignorance about the detailed behavior of a system, we can see that the
increase is in our confusion about the system. Or, as Gibbs put it, "the
*mixed-**/upped-ness/*" increases.

*Landscape design and the experience of motion*

Michel Conan

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, 2003

By this Dilthey means that phenomenological narrative accounts ought to
enhance for readers a sense of "*lived **/throughedness/*" with respect
to the landscape represented through the firsthand experiences of the

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