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        Almost twelve years ago I submitted to the OED an antedating for "bowie knife." They have its  first use attributed to Charles Dickens in 1842. Really? --a British writer made use of this exclusively American tool/weapon before any  scribe on the American continents? I had run across Edgar Allan Poe's use of it in his only novella, the Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym, published 1838. Subsequently,(now about six years ago)with access to the ProQuest Historical newspapers and American Periodical Series I find dozens of uses beginning in the year of Jim Bowie's death at the Alamo in 1836. So I tried to press my luck with the OED folks again and submit an antedating proposal. It's been over six years and they still proudly acknowledge first use from the pen of Dickens.
Oddly they still solicit antedatings on their site.

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