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Paul Johnson wrote:
> As a Time Inc, employee from the '60s, Our motto was "_Life_ is for
> those who can't read, _Time_ is for those who can't think.

When I looked at the following Frank Zappa quotation I also included
some remarks about Time magazine similar to the one you listed:

Frank Zappa: Most rock journalism is people who can’t write
interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read.


In 1932 the legendary comedian Will Rogers published a humorous
article that discussed authors who wrote for the movies. He made a
comment that was thematically linked to Zappa’s later observation

[Begin excerpt]
The successful author is the one who can write for the ones who can’t read.
[End excerpt]

In 1958 The Cavalier Daily, a student newspaper, reprinted a satirical
article from The Arkansas Traveler, another student newspaper. The
article included a joke about two prominent periodicals from the famed
publisher Henry Luce [CDTL]:

[Begin excerpt]
Also in the Luce stable besides Time, the magazine for people who
can’t think, is Life, the magazine for people who can’t read.
[End excerpt]

In 1971 a book described a campaign commercial televised in 1968 for
the politician George Wallace. The following quip was credited to
Wallace [RRGW]:

[Begin excerpt]
On the press: "Time and Newsweek are made for people who can’t think,
Life is made for people who can’t read, and the Saturday Evening Post
is made for people who can’t read or think."
[End excerpt]

[WRSR] 1932 December 25, Spokesman-Review, Read More, Remember Less by
Will Rogers, Page 8, Spokane, Washington. (Google News Archive)

[CDTL] 1958 February 19, The Cavalier Daily [University of Virginia
student newspaper], Portrait of Time As A Newsmagazine, Page 2,
Charlottesville, Virginia. (Google News Archive)

[RRGW] 1971, Big Screen, Little Screen by Rex Reed, Entry Dated:
September 6, 1968, Page 83, Macmillan Company, New York. (Verified on


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