Query: dialectal pronunciation of the type "EYE-talian" for "Italian"

Cohen, Gerald Leonard gcohen at MST.EDU
Sun Oct 6 00:48:29 UTC 2013

First, many thanks for the replies on "Eye-talian". Here now is one from Joan Hall (editor, Dictionary of American Regional English), and with her permission I now share it with ads-l.

The news about the forthcoming digital DARE is particularly welcome.

Gerald Cohen

From: Joan H. Hall [jdhall at wisc.edu]
Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2013 10:02 AM
To: Cohen, Gerald Leonard
Subject: Eyetalian

Hello, Gerald,

I've been away and have just seen your query about "eyetalian." DARE has
a "Forms" section for this pronunciation in Volume III. It was published
in 1996, so we could doubtless expand the entry with digital resources
now, but perhaps the existing entry could be useful.

The digital edition of DARE is scheduled to launch before the end of
this year! I hope your library will want to purchase it.

All the best,


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