ho 'whore' (What Santa Claus might say in some dialects?)

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Well, cops on TV shows refer to prostitutes a "pros". Or is it "proes"?
This may mash well with Nunberg's words with two mommies...


On 10/8/2013 7:50 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:
> I can believe it. But, of course, I can't *document* it. (Lest such
> documentation induce cardiac arrest throughout the list, of course.)
> Because early writings by whites about hip-hop and rap took the virgin (a
> beautiful expression of their culture)-whore (a disgusting expression of
> their "culture") approach, I didn't waste my time reading much of it.
> However, a Boston Globe columnist caught my eye when (s)he spoke of rappers
> referring to women as garden[ing?] tools. There was nothing in the column
> to suggest that the writer was being anything but literal in his/her
> interpretation of what (s)he spelled as "hoe."
> A relatively-casual approach to googling for support of this scenario
> trended toward  Charlie's it's-happening-now and was neutral WRT my
> it's-BIN-happening.
> But, after all, why should anyone expect random white people to have
> in-depth knowledge of the various representations of the phonetics of BE in
> print, when boojies don't have it? EBONY has never spelled "funky" as
> "fonkey" or "donkey" as "dunky," though it has spelled "hunky" as "honkey."
> --
> -Wilson

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