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At 10/23/2013 10:17 AM, Laurence Horn wrote:
>No relation, I expect, with the perhaps now defunct slang participle
>"housed" = 'inebriated' which turned up in profusion in my students'
>new word journals a decade ago and which I was informed was
>pronounced to rhyme with "doused" rather than "roused".  I never did
>figure out what the etymology of that one was.  Too bad that now
>there's no longer any college slang term for '(to be) drunk' ;-)

There is "hosed", I think from my college days.  (More than a decade
ago.)  Not in the OED, as verb nor participle, but ample on
Google.  E.g., and
UrbanDictionary.  Of course, the S is not pronounced as Larry reports.

"Hosed" = "Watered" with strong water?  Could "hosed" for
overindulgence in drink have evolved into "housed" for overindulgence in food?

There is also haze, v.1, sense 4:   4. intr. To frolic, 'lark'.
U.S.  Last used in 1855, as far as was known in 1898.


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