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> As a former bio minor, I never used the King Philip phrase, and it
> never would have worked for me because it's so  nonsensiscal. It would
> have been much easier for me to just memorize the sequence of letters
> (which is what I did). At least the mnemonic for the visible light
> spectrum - Roy G. Biv - makes some sort of sense (a fake name).
> to Arnold for clarifying what the King Philip phrase was: I was
> clueless!)

Some things are just easier to memorize, but mnemonics can be helpful.
As an electrical engineer, I learned an off-color sentence to hang the
color codes of electrical resistors onto. I know the Roy G. Biv
mnemonic, but I learned the spectrum (in the reverse order) from a song
that was played to our class in 3rd grade.  Sometimes music is the best
hook for the memory.  Obviously there is the alphabet song, and I
learned the 12 tribes of Israel and the books of the New Testament in
Sunday School from a song.  My son's kindergarten class learned the 50
states from a song.

So, what other things have you memorized from a song?  I'm aware of (but
haven't learned):
Lehrer's song about the elements
Animaniacs songs of state capitals and countries

Are there others?

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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