Fun with phrases: "for all the wrong reasons"

Hugo hugovk at GMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 28 12:11:36 UTC 2013

The Atlantic Monthly, May 1919, p.600:

But that does not
rankle much: it is only what you would
have expected, and it never cut much
ice. Young America was pretty much
pro-Boer in 1900, I remember - - for all
the wrong reasons.


Possible 1906, The Bands of Orion by Caroline Grosvenor:

Well, first of all, she said she must tell me how she delighted in my books. She liked all the worst ones best, and for all the wrong reasons ; but I told her she was perfectly right, and that it was seldom one found such discriminating readers.

Google Books snippet:

HathiTrust search result only:;view=1up;seq=7;q1=%22for%20all%20the%20wrong%20reasons%22;start=1;size=10;page=search;orient=0



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