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geek chic (ODO undated)

Usenet, 17 November 1993:

Didn't see this, but on a similar note, a friend and I (both Newton owners)
have been sorely tempted by the "miner" type headbands which strap a light
to your forehead, which could then be directed at Newton. Geek chic?

Usenet, 7 January 1994:

Thank-you for that eye-witness account from a real Microsurfer. Been waiting
days for that. I happen to know Doug Coupland personal. He's quite a gas. A
brilliant art school grad in the mid-80s, he's worked in Italian fashion
houses, Japanese bubble zines, and visual arts - wonderful sculpture for
children. He also has a fabulous small collection of Queen Anne silver.
What I wonder, did they retouch those shoulders in the cover photo to make
them seem even more narrow than they really are?

Yeah geek chic.

Here's the cover:

Microserfs was a short story published in this edition of Wired about life at Microsoft, which he subsequently expanded to a full-length novel.


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