"ecclesiastics" (matters ecclesiastical), no quotes in OED2

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Under "ecclesiastic, adj. and n.", B. n., "†2.
pl. a. Matters ecclesiastical.", the OED2 has no quotations.

"6. The Governor, Deputy Governor, Assistants,
and select representatives or deputies have full
power and authoritie, both legislative and
executive, for the government of all the people
heere, whether inhabitants or straingers, both
concerning eclesiasticks and in civils, without
appeale, excepting lawe or lawes repugnant to the lawes of England."

1661 June 10.

In Hall, Leder, and Kammen, eds., _The Glorious
Revolution in America: Documents on the Colonial
Crisis of 1689_ (Univ, of North Carolina Press, 1964), p. 13, col. 1.

Cited to Nathaniel Shurtleff, ed., _Records of
the Governor and Company of Massachusetts Bay in
New England_ (Boston, 1853--1854), Vol. IV, Part 2, pp. 24--26.

P.S.  "Civils" is known from 1644.


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