The whole nine yards (1908, 1912, 1914)

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All via  By the way, Mitchell is (still) a small
town in south central Indiana.

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Roscoe Edwards and wife returned Wednesday evening of last week from
Saltillo where they had been visiting Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Cook.  While
there Roscoe went fishing and has a big story to tell, but we refuse
to stand while he unloads.  He will catch some unsuspecting individual
some of these days and give him the whole nine yards.  [From The
Mitchell Commercial (Lawrence County Indiana), 4 June 1908, p. 3.]

The above would indicate that bull moosers are trying to pave the way
for "Teddy" to hang on forever, should they succeed in landing him
this time.  Might as well take the whole nine yards while you're at
it.  If Roosevelt gets in move to make it permanent.  [From The
Mitchell Commercial, 10 October 1912, p. 2.]

Tired and disgusted the lady returned and while resting a moment a
little girl came in and inquired if they should keep the basket too.
The girl stated she called for the premiums and finding no one she
looked in the basket and knew the goods belonged to her mama, so she
took them.  This settled the whole nine yards.  [From "Story of a
Green Basket," The Mitchell Commercial, 26 November 1914, p. 1.]

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