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> standard at Starbucks in the Boston area

At the Starbucks on Newbury near Mass. Ave., I asked the barista for an
"iced cap[puccino]" and he had no idea WTF I was asking about, even after I
went old-school on his ass with the full form, despite the fact that you'd
think that it would be totally obvious what is from the name.

However, this encounter predated the term, "barista," and Googling
indicates that, anymore :-), Starbucks employees are well aware of what an
"iced cap" is.

When I lived in L.A. in the '50's, coffee shops were hip. The hippest such
was a jazz club located in the already-old Garden of Allah <
http://gardenofallah.com/GOA_original.asp> in West Hollywood and the
hippest drink in the house was the "iced cap." That a kid young enough to
be my grandson couldn't wrap his mind around what I was raking about just
drive home the fact that just… *old*. :-(
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