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Following Bonnie Taylor-Blake's major finds concerning "the whole nine yards," I'll first allow that the following may not be a major find, though it may possibly be of some worth heuristically. The following was published on April 1 (...the first), 1917 in the already-attested approximate geographic and time ranges, and in a relatively small newspaper, about baseball, concerning an attempt to "tell all...everything," and a facetious imaginary perhaps-pseudo-measurement...

Anyway, what do y'all make of it as related, or not, to "the whole nine yards"?

"Buck Campbell, the more or less baseball expert of The Winston-Salem Journal, took the trouble to pen Left Hook a long letter, in which he told all there was good to tell about the Twin-City. Buck wrote everything that was on his mind.--Asheville Citizen. You shouldn't be so hard on ol'/the/our [?--uncertain letters] Lefty. Remember there is a board of censors here. that is the reason you got the nine yards of blank paper."

Winston-Salem Journal 04-01-1917 page 10, col. 7.
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