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"photobomb" (ATNW: 22 May 2008)

("Among the New Words" devoted to Internet memes (American Speech, Vol. 86, No. 4, Winter 2011, pp. 454-479) )


ATNW quotes from on 22 May 2008. The domain was registered by Chris Carter on 8 May 2008:

And the first post on the site is also form 8 May 2008:

This is a classic photo-bomb. This guy is waiting for the right time to moon the camera outside the bar. What an excellent example of a photo-bomb!


But here's a slightly earlier one, which actually comes from Urban Dictionary via Know Your Meme:

On May 6th, 2008, The earliest known Urban Dictionary[8] definition of “photobombing” was submitted by user U8IK, which was later highlighted as the Urban Word of the Day on June 20th, 2008. Three days later on June 23rd, the Flickr group Photobombers[4] was launched for people to share their own photobomb exploits online.

6 May 2008, Urbain Dictionary:

1.      photobombing
3267 up, 364 down
June 20, 2008 Urban Word of the Day
Intentionally posing in other people's photos, for a later surprise.
Usually people making funny faces in the background, without the knowledge of the main subjects of the photo.
Jim is always photobombing, he messed ups some of the best photos from the wedding.
photo fun bombing dissruptive funny
by U8IK May 6, 2008


I found a slightly earlier one still.

25 April 2008, List Of The Day:

Photobombers Of The Day
Photobombers = people who hilariously ruin your nice little picture. Some call it "that guy"; we call it photobombing. A superb idea from Jocelyn; all photos from Facebook.

I've sent the site owner a message asking if he remembers where the term came from.



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