"bucket list" before the movie?

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No evidence in Nexis of _bucket list_ before 2006.  But my hunch is you are
correct that it's origin is older than OED.


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> My wife was just wondering if the expression was created by the movie, and
> my initial thought was that the movie probably just popularized it.  The
> OED is a bit wishy-washy:
> bucket list n.  [after _to kick the bucket_ at Phrases; popularized by the
> title of the film The Bucket List (2007): see quot. 2006.] colloq. a list
> of things that a person hopes to experience or achieve during his or her
> lifetime.
> But the 2006 quot. is just an UPI Newswire item about the upcoming movie
> release.  "Popularized" reinforces my suspicion that the screenwriter
> didn't come up with the expression, but there's no prior cite given.
>  Anyone know?
> LH
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