Etymology of "It's been a slice!", "It's been a real slice!"?

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In the 1992 TV movie "The Ring of the Musketeers" "It's been a slice" is spoken by Cheech Marin as Burt Aramis.

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> that takes it back further than the cite i found here:


The video clip you have of Disney's Hercules has Megara's lines dubbed over by a fan (a "fandub"; new to me!). Here's an (I think) original, but it's a bit quiet:


"fandub", 10 May 1993:
It would be horrifying!  If you thought Intersound were bad, just listen to...
fandub!  ?:-)

"fan dub", 13 September 1992:
Commando Video, using a combination of the scripts written by W. Chow and D.
Floyd did a serious(?) fan dub of Patlabor Episode 1 "Ingram Activated".

"fansub", 4 March 1993:

3) Anime Truefans, who'll buy the tapes, perhaps, but, since these are the
people who make the scripts and fansubs, might well be persuaded to do
translations of every tape that comes out, as it comes out.
[End]  (also "fansubbers")

"fan sub", 7 March 1992:

Well after the questionable choice of Madox, i sure hope so....
I hope that this market exposure will drive the prices down. The main
reason I like fan subs is because they are FREE!




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