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I hadn't seen those commercials, but it seems like wordplay. FWIW, I just caught the first 30 minutes of "Deeds" (Adam Sandler) and while I wasn't paying attention, I think Sandler's character uses "wicked" like that.

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On Sep 29, 2013, at 5:13 PM, Victor Steinbok <aardvark66 at> wrote:

> I'm sure everyone with a TV has seen by now at least one of a cluster of
> Vonage commercials (JWT--aired over 4500 times) that include the
> exchange, "Now you're just talking crazy!"--"Crazy generous!"
> Although the Vonage spots have been playing for close to a year, there
> has been another one with similarly used "crazy" at least since June.
> This one is from Chevrolet (McCann Erickson--aired just over 500 times)
> and, when I first heard it, I thought they were mocking the Vonage campaign.
> W1: Chevy Cruise offers ... MPG highway. That's crazy.
> W2: Crazy efficient!(?)
> W1: Ten standard airbags...
> W2: And you get Stabilitrac with traction control.
> W1: That is like crazy protection...
> W2: Hmmm...
> W1: This interior is...
> W2: ... insane
> W1: It is insane. I was going to say "crazy" again.
> The intonation on "Crazy generous" and "Crazy efficient" between the two
> ads is very similar.
> Not that this kind of use of "crazy" is anything new ("crazy good" has
> long been attested here IIRC), but the parallel between the two
> commercials suggests a different level of usage.

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