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Here are two examples of the suffix -aissance referring to the
resurgence of a career. These instances referred to two Hollywood

McConaissance, Matthew McConaughey
Benaissance, Ben Affleck

Title: Turkeys! 50 Remarkable Pop-Culture Flops
Subtitle: Movies, TV, music, books, theater, and games that flamed out
in spectacular ways
Author: EW Staff
Date: Nov 26, 2014


[Begin excerpt]
Sahara (2005)
Take a seat, kids. This one's is truly epic.
Before the Oscars and Emmy nominations of the McConaissance, Matthew
McConaughey had a few projects that, by his own admission, weren't
so...rewarding. Enter Sahara, McConaughey's Ishtar. The blockbuster
action flick seemingly did okay at the box office and wasn't entirely
panned...that is, until you delve into the nitty gritty concerning the
film's budget and immense legal issues with source novel writer Clive
[End excerpt]


[Begin excerpt]
Gigli (2003)
You want a turkey? Ben Affleck (pre-Benaissance) and Jennifer Lopez
will give you a turkey--complete with a head-scratching reference to
the poor bird itself. (Lopez's character, when she decides she wants
to get busy with Affleck: ''It's turkey time. Gobble gobble.''
[End excerpt]


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