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Here's a likely 1930 of both noun and verb in "Tent Folk of the Far North"
by Ester Blenda Nordström, translated from the Swedish by E. Gee Nash. A
book with this title was published in 1930 and Google Books shows some
snippets. Hathi Trust is search-only but has corresponding matching terms:

p.49 - 6 matching terms
p.50 - 1 matching term
p.203 - 1 matching term
p.204 - 2 matching terms
p.205 - 2 matching terms

Google Books snippets. Page 49:

"Oh, you mustn't say that ! That's a joik* . . . think if a preacher heard
you ! He'd soon tell you how wicked you were. It's evil to joik. For that
matter that's Jonsa Karen's joik that she's singing."
" But it can't be wicked to joik if you sing of the blue sky and the
sunshine, and the beauty of God's world. Don't you think that God likes to
hear that ? "
* Joik--a song peculiar to the Lapps. It consists of four or five notes,
melodious and monotonous, to which the Lapps set their own words, generally
un-rhymed. By these songs they express their feeling or tell of what they
have seen. Each has his own special joik, and, as sound travels far over
these plains of snow, they can recognise one another, and even communicate
by means of joiks.

Page 203:

It was the scent of the birches, the glory of the stars, the softness of
the moss, the perfume of the earth, the whispering of the trees, the
lapping of the water, and the weird cry of the loon. Yet it was only a Lapp
" joik " !

Page 204:

... or she would never have let a " joik " pass her lips, for joiking is a
sin now that Christianity has made its victorious way throughout Lappland .
. . it is a sin and unclean, and the kingdom of Heaven does not await those
who indulge in it !



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