[Ads-l] Query about dialectal "warsh" (wash)

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Mon Dec 8 04:15:50 UTC 2014

Sometimes the "intrusive R" in "warsh" is called characteristic of St. 
Louis, but it is also called characteristic of Pittsburgh and Baltimore 
and some other places. On-line I see it called characteristic of Midland 
dialect (US) in general. Also "Midwest". Also Western/Northwestern US. 
Also "Ohio Valley".  I've heard it plenty in PA, OH, IL. I've heard it 
in Detroit, and I've heard _about_ it in Detroit without anybody 
suggesting that it wasn't/isn't usual there (is it?). I also see it 
mentioned in connection with West Somerset (UK). Probably there are some 
remarks somewhere in the ADS-L archive.

-- Doug Wilson

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