[Ads-l] "smoke NP over"

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 12 04:25:20 UTC 2014

I heard this as BE GI slang, ca. 1961, with the the meaning, "stare at,
ogle, examine closely."

>From a post to the Paulick Report, 06.15.2014:

"Horses can get hurt out of nowhere. You're assuming that they even did
some sort of scan for you to compare. If she seems fine, there's not gonna
be a lot to show you in the form of vet records, because the vet's gonna

smoke her over

as a matter of routine, see nothing out of place, and move along."

In context, "smoke her over" here, IMO, appears to be no stronger than
"look her over." But, one does one's best with what one is provided.


OTOH, there's:

"[Other football] teams are going to

smoke him [Manti Te'o] over

pretty well. Probably more so, to see how he holds up."

Wherein "examine closely" is a better semantic fit.


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