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I saw that 1831 citation but didn't include it because the word was in italics and thus probably unnaturalized.  But it may be that the OED would accept the 1831 citation, in square brackets or without square brackets.  I have never understood exactly what the criteria are for determining whether a loanword usage is naturalized or not.

Fred Shapiro

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Here's an 1831:

The fashion of smoking cigars in Paris has become so general that the
ladies who exclaimed, at first, loudly against it, now begin to tolerate
it. One of the French papers observes, that from tolerating to liking is
but a step, and that it is not impossible we may see the French ladies
imitate those of Spain, all of who smoke cigarettes; but then they are
rolled in perfumed paper, which mingles its odour with that of the tobacco.
-- World of Fashion.

Anonymous GENTLEMEN'S DRESS, &c, FOR NOVEMBER. The Observer (1791- 1900)
pp. 2. 1831. Available:


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> Subject: Antedating of "Cigarette"

cigarette (OED 1842)
> 1832 _Morning Post_ (London) 15 Oct. (19th Century British Library
> Newspapers)  With confidence they therefore ascended their conveyance, each
> with his cigar and cigarette, and proceeded on their road.
> Fred Shapiro

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