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Two occurrences, both from The Lee Papers, Vol. III, 
1778--1782.  Collections of the New-York Historical Society for the 
year 1873.  New York: Printed for the Society, 1874.   [Google Books.]

1)  1780.

... in fact the power in ev'ry State is manifestly fallen into the 
very worst hands; in our County, in Maryland in Pennsylvania; it is 
neither a Monarchy, Aristocracy---nor Democracy, it has indeed some 
of the worst features of Theocracy, that is a few inspired Persons 
without the aid of human sense immediately by God from what they 
pretend dictate every measure---but it is rather a Mac-ocracy by 
which I mean that a banditti of low Scotch-Irish whose names 
generally begin with Mac---and who are either the sons of Imported 
Servants, or themselves imported Servants are the Lords Paramount, 
and in such wild beastly hands as these are respublica diutius stare 
not potest---God knows what is to become of us ...

1780 June 25.  Letter, Charles Lee to James Monroe.  So-identified in 
what may be a better source, _The Papers of James Monroe: Selected 
Correspondence ..._, ed. Daniel Preston, Marlena C. Delong, 
presumably vol. 2 (1776--1794) [Google Snippet].  In _The Lee 
Papers_, it's undated (seemingly after 1780 July 18 and before 1780 
Sept. 24), unsigned, to James Monroe.  _Lee Papers_, page 431.

2)  1781.

I shall only observe in addition that we in Virginia live (if it can 
be call'd living) neither under Monarchy Aristocracy nor 
Democracy---if it deserved any name it is a mac-ocracy that is a 
Banditti of Scotch Irish Servants or their immediate descendants 
(whose names generally begin with Mac) are our Lords and Rulers.

1781 June 16.  Letter, Charles Lee to Robert Morris.  _Lee Papers_, page 457.


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