Still Further Antedating of "Yellow Journalism"

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Am surprised that OED still endorses derivation from "The Yellow Kid."

Years and years ago, I read somewhere that the phrase arose in reference to
some kind of publicity stunt sponsored by the Hearst papers in the '90s. Of
course I made no note of it, but ISTR that it involved something like a
coast-to-coast bike race whose participants wore bright yellow outfits so
they could easily be recognized by the public. The papers then gave daily
updates on the race.

Maybe I read it one of Jerry's valuable Comments on Etymology.  But true or
false, it was long, long ago.


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> yellow journalism (OED 1898, also OED has sense 3. of yellow, adj. dated
> 18=
> 98)
> 1893 _Puck_ 7 Dec. 7 (American Periodical Series)  Yellow journalism is a
> m=
> oral offense, but who are the offenders?  Not the newspaper proprietors,
> wh=
> o make the most of that full liberty which reputable as well as
> disreputabl=
> e papers must have in a free country, but the people who buy their output.
> NOTE:  This citation undercuts OED's derivation of "yellow journalism"
> from=
>  a comic strip originating in 1895.
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