Bamboo ceiling

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Tue Feb 4 03:53:12 UTC 2014

<Bamboo Curtain> in Taiwan. Three decades ago, I was informed up front, in
my face, from the get-go: <<No foreigner will ever be chair of this
     OTOH, good pay (show up for class), complete research freedom (richly
rewarded), cheap apartment, friendly people totally appreciative of
Caucasian cachet. Mission objective: assist ROC in acquisition of Western
technology. Childfree-dom (i.e. childlessness) not encouraged, bachelors
expected to marry local girls & live happily ever after. Worked for me.
     Btw, Wikipedia <Bamboo Curtain> only considers the plight of Asians in
the U.S.

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