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Dennis E Baron  wrote:
>> When did the phrase "shelter in place" become the standard formula for "stay
>> where you are" in case of danger? It seems fairly new to me -- the last few
>> years -- is this health and safety jargon that became more widespread as
>> school shootings became commonplace?

Ben Zimmer wrote:
> Earliest I've found is from a Feb. 1976 congressional hearing on civil defense:
> "One plan looked at shelter in place for a decade and then abandoned
> it in favor of massive evacuation."
> --George R. Rodericks, director of Washington D.C.'s Office of
> Emergency Preparedness
> Cited here:

Google Books contains some matches for "sheltering in-place aircraft".

It is possible that this phrase means something different here because
it can be parsed differently. Perhaps the phrase means sheltering
aircraft that are in-place where "in-place" means deployed somewhere.
Need to see more context.

The dates of 1973 and 1974 are plausible based on probes for those
years. A snippet for 1974 indicates the presence of a Summer 1974
issue in the volume.

The text overlaps but apparently there are two distinct matches. Maybe
Ben has already seen these matches.

[Begin match]
Strategic Review - Page 12
1974 - Snippet view - More editions

Great progress has been made toward sheltering in-place aircraft, but
much still needs to be done to improve the survivability of the U.S.
augmentation force that would deploy to meet a Pact threat. We are
pursuing with NATO a program to ...
[End match]

[Begin match]
Strategic Review - Volumes 1-2 - Page 11
1973 - Snippet view - More editions

Fertile ground also exists for significant improvements in other
areas. For example, NATO is just beginning to make better provisions
to receive and employ reinforcing tactical aircraft. Great progress
has been made toward sheltering in-place aircraft, 11 Reappraising the
Prospects for NATO.
[End match]


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