Random Note for WOTY: further on _neknominate_

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Wed Feb 19 21:34:28 UTC 2014

At 2/19/2014 12:55 PM, David Barnhart wrote:
>The _nek-_ is obviously a corruption of _neck-_, meaning "to guzzle."  The
>latter form attested in eOED from 16th century as noted in Greene.  Neither
>form in this meaning is accounted for in American slang dictionaries
>including HDAS.  Australian and other "World" Englishes represented in
>dictionaries don't present _nek_ with any pertinent senses.  I suspect the
>"nek" spelling is the kind of contraction typical of modern "high-speed"
>communication, e.g. _u_ for _you_, etc.
>So far I have found a wealth of forms and derivatives, e.g. neknominee,
>neknominator, neknomination, neknominate, and neknominating.

Nekt will be "nekvomiting" (or "vomitating"?)


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