"Perils of Pauline" -- cliff-hanger or not?

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Thu Feb 20 01:16:15 UTC 2014

JB: <<Did you mean to imply that episode *one* contained a (or "the")
runaway balloon/cliff ledge incident?>>
     The Gospel According to Youtube. As I have learned from earlier
discussion, the PoP films have been mangled up pretty good. The one I have
looked at is:
<<Episode One / Trial by Fire>> (not <chapter>) 29 mins. Hicks extorts
Koerner, who plots to kidnap P, who is set adrift in a balloon 15:23,
climbs down from same onto a cliff-side 16:58 (only time she is hanging is
from this balloon tether), boyfriend Harry helps P off cliff-side, snatched
by villain to house, house burns 25:10, Harry again rescues P, safe (???)
at home, while Hicks & Koerner lurk (<<We'll get her next chapter!>>).
I zipped through another Chapter 1 PoP video, which was a mangled mess of
JB: << the balloon/cliff incident in chapter six>>
<<Episode Six / The Shattered Plane>> 15:38. P wants to take a ride in an
aeroplane, which is sabotaged, but Harry causes P to miss her maiden
flight, as Hicks & Koerner skulk nearby, <<We'll get her next time!>>

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