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Precariat appears to be a deliberate variant of proletariat.

Website: Techcrunch
Title: It’s A Wonderful Life, For A Few Of Us
Author: Jon Evans
Date: December 22, 2013

[Begin excerpt]
So people who aren’t rich, and aren’t in tech — the vast majority, I
hasten to remind you — will increasingly become part of the precariat:

[Nested quotation]
This is not just a matter of having insecure employment, of being in
jobs of limited duration and with minimal labour protection, although
all this is widespread. It is being in a status that offers no sense
of career, no sense of secure occupational identity and few, if any,
entitlements to the state and enterprise benefits that several
generations … had come to expect as their due.
[End nested quotation]

[End excerpt]

Wikipedia already has an entry which was created around September 16,
2011 according to the history tab information.



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