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On Jan 12, 2014, at 5:59 AM, Victor Steinbok wrote:

> According to MediaBistro, there's now yet another -gate. Newly crowned
> NYC Mayor was caught on camera eating pizza with a fork, which is
> sacrilege in NYC. Appropriately, the affair has been dubbed "forkgate",
> lack of coverup notwithstanding...

It'll never stick.  Well, the pizza may stick to the fork, but the label is ephemeral.
There was a classic bit on the Daily Show a couple of years back when Jon Stewart mocked the Donald, hosting Sarah Palin on a visit to NYC, for eating his pizza with a fork--and the pizza was stacked, yet:
At least let's hope De Blasio wasn't stacking.


> On 1/10/2014 7:52 PM, W Brewer wrote:
>> LH: <<combo-gates, Underwatergate, Pearlygate, Whitewatergate. ...
>> overlaps>>
>> WB: wikip: Coalgate, Billygate; Crashgate; DickCheneyshotaguyinthefacegate.
>> Is <*Tailgate> really unattested? Begs for a nice, sleazy sex scandal.
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