No soap, dove bar -- was "dive bar"

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Dan Goncharoff
> Do I remember correctly that "cement" had the
> accent on the first syllable?

According to my decades old memory Elly May accented the first
syllable and used a long e. A YouTube video supports this memory. I
did not check the other characters.

The Beverly Hillbillies 2-11 The Garden Party (1963)
Location: 44 seconds

Jed Clampett: Where's your Granny
Elly May Clampett: Out by the cement pond

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>> WB: <<Isn't <dove bar> the past form of <dive bar>? It's what the Clampetts
>> used to do in the swimmin' pond.>>
>> JB: <<Did the Clampetts install a dive bar at the Newptune Pool at San
>> Simeon?>>
>> GOT: <<Clampetts referred to the pool as the "cement pond">>
>> WB: to <dive bar>: 'to go skinny dipping'. (Gad, you people! I have to
>> explain everything? (Recall that Davy Crockett <<kilt him a bar when he was
>> only three>>.) <Cement pond> was a good touche', though.)
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