impactful, below-the-line, etc.--'intentional'

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My current favorite is 'intentional', which has begun appearing in higher education planning contexts in the past year or so. It seems to be quite old in other (religious) contexts, but when our associate Provost for retention insists that any planning in that area be 'intentional', she seems to mean something like what actors mean when they talk about 'being in the moment'.

It's not the opposite of 'accidental', but rather something like 'with full consciousness of what we're doing'.

I'm sure it's the recency effect that's making my wife and me notice these days, but it rather irks both of us because it smacks of 'educationese'.
I know, we're linguists, we're supposed to be nonjudgmental.


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> Impactful, adj. 'effective and influential'

> "In my work, I=92ve been fortunate to learn from amazingly
> successful,
> impactful professionals and entrepreneurs."

> Share, v. 'to say sincerely or in confidence':

> "I=92ve heard from corporate professionals who share, 'Kathy, I
> really hate
> my job and desperately want to leave. I=92ve been wanting to write a
> book
> and become a motivational speaker for several years now. What=92s
> your
> advice?' I=92ll respond, 'OK, great. '"

> Below-the-line, adj. 'insufficiently ambitious or optimistic':
> "'Below the line' thinking refers to a particular mindset that shapes
> how
> you view the world in a limiting way."

> Attach, v. 'to attach oneself'
> "Unsuccessful individuals attach to fantasies that may relieve them
> momentarily of their situational pain but have no basis in reality."

> Power, n. 'ability and influence.'
> "Successful people are in touch with their power, and are not afraid
> to use
> it and express it. They advocate and negotiate strongly...."

> Gut, n. 'innermost feelings'
> "Those who doubt themselves, lack trust in their own gut or
> instincts...."

> Power gap, n. 'area of weakness or ineffectuality, as in business or
> personal relationships'

> "Sure, they acknowledge they have 'power gaps' or blind spots, and
> areas
> that need deep development."

> Deep, adj. special

> [See "power gap"]

> Thought for the day:
> "Successful people ...go with the flow. They follow the trends, and
> embrace them... make bold moves...and won=92t be waylaid by the
> priorities
> and values of others."

> All of the above (unfortunately not all of it new) is in one handy
> place
> at
> ng-behaviors-they-avoid-184436770.html

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