impactful, below-the-line, etc.

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Tue Jan 14 21:23:36 UTC 2014

Some of these I don't find repugnant -- impactful; attach
("individuals attach to fantasies" seems clearly enough reflexive in
the absence of a direct object); power ("ability and influence" are
at least kinds of power); gut (common in casual speech?).

Am I too tolerant?


At 1/14/2014 11:56 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>Impactful, adj.  'effective and influential'
>"In my work, I've been fortunate to learn from amazingly successful,
>impactful professionals and entrepreneurs."
>Share, v. 'to say sincerely or in confidence':
>"I've heard from corporate professionals who share, 'Kathy, I really hate
>my job and desperately want to leave.  I've been wanting to write a book
>and become a motivational speaker for several years now.  What's your
>advice?'  I'll respond, 'OK, great. '"
>Below-the-line, adj.  'insufficiently ambitious or optimistic':
>"'Below the line' thinking refers to a particular mindset that shapes how
>you view the world in a limiting way."
>Attach, v. 'to attach oneself'
>"Unsuccessful individuals attach to fantasies that may relieve them
>momentarily of their situational pain but have no basis in reality."
>Power, n. 'ability and influence.'
>"Successful people are in touch with their power, and are not afraid to use
>it and express it.  They advocate and negotiate strongly...."
>Gut, n. 'innermost feelings'
>"Those who doubt themselves, lack trust in their own gut or instincts...."
>Power gap, n. 'area of weakness or ineffectuality, as in business or
>personal relationships'
>"Sure, they acknowledge they have 'power gaps' or blind spots, and areas
>that need deep development."
>Deep, adj. special
>[See "power gap"]
>Thought for the day:
>"Successful people ...go with the flow.  They follow the trends, and
>embrace them... make bold moves...and won't be waylaid by the priorities
>and values of others."
>All of the above (unfortunately not all of it new) is in one handy  place
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