Newish term: "Internet of Things"

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Thu Jan 16 10:35:19 UTC 2014

>From Mike Kuniavsky on Twitter (@mikekuniavsky8h):

Guess who won the "what is it that we call this 'computers everywhere'
phenomenon?" naming race: #googletrendsexplore

"Internet of thing" is now the clear winner by an order of magnitude,
over earlier terms "ubiquitous computing", "pervasive computing" and
"ambient intelligence".

Wiktionary defines it as:

A proposed Internet-like structure connecting everyday physical
objects equipped with RFID or similar tags.

Wikipedia says:

The Internet of Things (or IoT for short) refers to uniquely
identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an
Internet-like structure. The term Internet of Things was proposed by
Kevin Ashton in 2009.[1]

[1] is by Ashton which begins:

Jun 22, 2009—I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure the phrase
"Internet of Things" started life as the title of a presentation I
made at Procter & Gamble (P&G) in 1999.

And before explaining what he originally meant and still means by it, says:

The fact that I was probably the first person to say "Internet of
Things" doesn't give me any right to control how others use the


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