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> "like a red-neck relative" and "like a mixed-blood stepchild" strike me as
> recent variants.

A quick Googling revels only three more:

"like a stepchild"

"like an ugly stepchild"

"like a one-legged* stepchild"

*for me, "legged, beloved, striped" necessarily have [Id/@d] as the final
syllable. I sometimes get the impression that this means that I'm out of
step with most other native-speakers of the Magic Language. Many other
BE-speakers "make up," so to speak, add a syllabic -ed where, for me, it's
non-existent: "likeded, -eyeded, -haireded, stoppeded." Children sometimes
say things like "runneded," for "ran."

The first time that I heard "likeded," it was spoken by a black character
in an '80's movie who was spoofing black characters in movies. So, I took
it as a joke, an exaggeration for effect. However, I've since heard it in
the wild many thousands of times. Y'all may remember my copying to the
listserv an instance of a black, amateur-prescriptivist analyzing "likeded"
as "like-did." So, apparently, I'm not the only boojie not to be - or
should that be, "to not be"? - hip to all of the haps of BE N the 'hood.
All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint to
come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
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