Jiang - what Confucius insisted on eating

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 22 00:20:50 UTC 2014

Great reactions in this thread. (Unfortunately, sinograms come out as
gibberish mostly.)
<=E9=86=AC> could well have been pickled fish brine, as in the original
Southern Chinese recipe for ketchup. (The tomato & high fructose corn syrup
variety being more recent.)
Victor Mair, however, will not disagree with the fact that the Annalectal
anecdote RE: <=E9=86=AC> has been modified over the millennia by
didactically minded Chinese laoshi's, hell-bent on inculcating a palatable
interpretation of an arcane, abstruse tradition. Red herring is a Chinese
specialty, heavy on the sarcasm sauce.  (:^o)

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