Jiang - what Confucius insisted on eating

Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Jan 22 21:49:53 UTC 2014

Sometimes non-ASCII characters come through for me and sometimes they do not. It doesn't seem to be dependent on who sends it, either.

But I've always found the encoding to be correct when I go to the list. You can just enter the subject line in the search field at http://listserv.linguistlist.org/cgi-bin/wa?S2=ads-l.

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On Jan 21, 2014, at 8:21 PM, Douglas G. Wilson <douglas at NB.NET> wrote:

> I think maybe one must set his e-mail program to use Unicode encoding
> for outgoing mail, or something like that.
> In case the context hasn't been clear to all readers, and in case I
> myself am following the discussion adequately, this seems to be the
> relevant passage with translation:
> http://tinyurl.com/mvtk9uv

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