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Fri Jan 24 15:02:59 UTC 2014

In case anyone has been following the news stemming from a gang-rape case,
there is, apparently, a social linguistic angle. The tribal village women,
angry at the arrest of their husbands, continue to blame the victim.
Apparently, not only was she caught having an affair with a (Muslim,
married) man from another village, but she has also committed the crime of
speaking Hindi (as well as having gobe to New Delhi once!). There may be
some things lost in translation, but this accusation is repeated multiple
times. The couple met while working on building a school in the village, so
the locals are now blaming the school for losing their men. The elders
ordered the couple to pay 25000 rhupees each. The woman refused and the
elders ordrred her to be gang-raped. The man was threatened with murder if
he did not come up with the money and subsequently disappeared. His wife
apparently supports the victim, saying they "are like sisters".

But the "Hindi speaking" accusation I find the most schocking.


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