Uncle Sugar Rorschach

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I'm not sure how "Uncle Sugar" could be construed as "racist" except that
sugar is very white and "Uncle Sugar" is handing out prescriptions to ...
well, to whom?


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> At 1/25/2014 10:15 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> >Mike Huckabee has employed the phrase "Uncle Sugar" in a speech lambasting
> >(wait for it) Democrats for "making [women]  believe that they are
> helpless
> >without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each
> >month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their
> >reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it...."
> >...
> >The point is that people were speculating about 1. what "Uncle Sugar"
> might
> >possibly mean, and 2. (wait for it) whether it's racist. or 3. (wait for
> >it) sexist.
> >
> >Somebody ventured the opinion that it was a sexist reference to a "sugar
> >daddy." Anchor Victor Blackwell said he'd thought Mike was comparing the
> >federal government "to a pimp."
> Of course it was -- both of the above -- in Huckabee's intent.  He's
> using it to add these negative associations to "(present) United
> States government", and thus tar the Democrats.
> >  Conservatives since McCarthy days have used "Uncle Sugar" derisively  to
> >refer to liberal fiscal and welfare policies.
> >
> >That's because "sugar," in the '40s, was still a familiar synonym for
> >"money." Get it? "Uncle Sugar." How clever!
> >
> >Anyway, Cain of CNN lamented Huckabee's use of "an obsolete slang term for
> >the federal government" as the GOP is trying to "improve its brand."  Such
> >usage, he said, "reeks of old man."
> And "libidinous old man".
> Also, I have not heard any commentator -- and I would expect feminist
> commentators to -- ask why women's libidos need controlling but men's
> do not.  Huckabee I can understand -- after all, to a fundamentalist
> women's lust is what lures men into sin.
> Joel
> >JL
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