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FWIW my intuitions agree with Larry's, and I'm not a New Yorker. The first scenario that came to mind was in reference to a house or office; e.g. you're walking down the street (or maybe riding a bus) with someone and you reach their house/building so they say "Well, this is me".

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Depends on what "this" is, I'd think.  For cars, it's pretty widespread, i.e. "Is this/that you?" meaning 'Is this/that your car?'  With a socket wrench and a Phillips head screwdriver at the hardware store, I'm not so sure.


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> Is the expression “this is me” meaning “this is mine” (etc. for you, etc)  limited to NYC and environs?
> I’ve been hearing it for a while, and my husband asked me if it’s an NYC thing. I just heard it in the following exchange, and thought I’d better ask before putting it in my NYC English book, which I’m sending off again as soon as I get this issue settled yea yea.
> Setting Hardware store with a bunch of products on the counter.
> Store guy to me: “Is this you?”
> Me: Nah
> Other customer: “This is me.”
> Store guy: “OK”
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