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> Subject: question from another list about 'takras'
> "In Norwegian we have the term 'takras', a compound which literally means
> 'roof slide' (or 'roof avalanche'). This word is used both to describe the
> action (the snow and/or ice on the roof is sliding and falling down, there
> goes a 'takras' or to describe the heap of snow and ice that has fallen
> down and is now lying on the pavement or somewhere else where it is not
> supposed to be and has to be cleared away. It is also used metaphorically
> to describe someone who might need some attention and tidying up. Is there
> any such word in English?"
> Bethany
Have you gotten any replies off list?

Not that I know of, but the folks in the Buffalo-Syracuse are might.
I'll ask some informants, but this might be a question to direct also to

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