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It seems odd to me.

It could even come from a failure to change the settings on the label printer properly. For example, it said, "By the dozen" and the operator changes just "dozen" to "each." (And the operator might even judge by analogy that "by the each" is correct groceryese and set it that way without ever having actually heard the formulation.)

The first hit on Google is, which dates it to 14 September 2000.

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On Jan 31, 2014, at 9:37 AM, Jeff Prucher <jprucher at> wrote:

> I wonder if this is a regionalism? It doesn't strike me as being an unusual usage at all (although I can understand why people unfamiliar with it find it grammatically puzzling).
> It looks like DARE might have this as "each, by the":, but I don't have institutional access and can't check the print edition at the moment.
> Jeff Prucher
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