Derry Aire

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You're so right, Wilson.

It isn't "The" Londonderry air,  like they only had one; it's "an" air
played by a street fiddler in Londonderry in the early 1850s and noted down
by Jane Ross of Limavady.

Of course, many people presumably think the title means, "You know, the
fresh air they breathe there, where was it you said?"

PS:  Wackipedia bears out my suspicion: "the title...'Derry Air' is
sometimes used instead, due to the Derry-Londonderry name dispute

At least there's no "e."  Wacki is definitely improving.


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> > 'The Londonderry Aire'
> "The"?! There was no definite article, back in the '40's! Can't these young
> whippersnappers leave *anything* the way that it used to be? :-(
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